Museum depot gets scoop for digital presentation


The Belgian section of the ICOM – International Council of Museums – wants to help museums present their collection digitally in the future, by offering them an affordable application. Due to the lockdown and the closure of the museums during these last months, this will happen sooner than expected.

ICOM Belgium Flanders launches the project “Through the walls”

Because of the corona virus and the lockdown, museums around the world have given their digital functionality an extra (or a first) boost. One of the tools that was used to replace the physical museum visit, is the virtual  guided tour across the permanent collection and/or temporary exhibition. But not every museum got to work with this tool. Mostly smaller museums haven’t got the required knowledge, nor time, nor sufficient budget to (let) develop a digital guided tour.

ICOM Belgium Flanders went looking for an accomodating and affordable solution. In that way, also the smaller museums, which often have to do without subsidies, will get the opportunity to unlock their collection for the public. From May 18th on, member museums of ICOM Belgium Flanders can enjoy the special rates for the mock-up of their digital presentation. The museums of Turnhout directly plugged in and so they are one of the first to use them.

Virtual depot visit as a part of the exhibition

Museums Turnhout chose the central museum depot to be the first challenge for a virtual tour. The presentation will be part of the exhibition « AANwinsten UITgestald » (acquisitions exhibited) that will start on July 1st in the Taxandria Museum.

The expo shows a selection of collection items that have been acquired by the museum and the City Archives during the last twenty years, by purchase or donation. Thanks to the digital presentation, visiters can walk virtually through the museum depot and see with their own eyes in which optimal (climatic) circumstances the collection is being preserved. In fact, here we can speak of a dubble scoop. Not only is it unique to be able to visit the depot digitally, but that you can visit it altogether. Indeed, museum depots are in definition not accessible for the public. Now we have opened the doors of our treasury, nothing more nor less.

Walk throught our depot