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Turnhout Route Archives and Museums, rather known as “TRAM 41”, comprises the Museum of the Beguinage, the National Museum of the Playing Card, Museum Taxandria and the City Archives.

As our tram line 41 did in former times, TRAM 41 leads to the disclosure of our region. After all, TRAM 41 is the knowledgebase of Turnhout and the Antwerp Campine. It’s the center of research and documents concerning the inhabitant identities and moreover it focuses on the life in the beguinage and the graphic industry  (playing cards). The different sites are proof of how a poor region developed itself towards a modern industrial region. The collections are being exposed in authentic houses and buildings. Only their excellency is worth one’s tour.

Since 2004 TRAM 41 has been recognized by the Flemish government and the province of Antwerp as a cooperation on regional level.

TRAM 41 is presenting a full program. Throughout the year one can enjoy expositions, printing demonstrations, quests, lectures, workshops and other activities. Check the specific websites to get more information!
•    Website Begijnhofmuseum
•    Website Nationaal Museum van de Speelkaart
•    Website Taxandriamuseum
•    Website Stadsarchief Turnhout

TRAM 41 is a city organization supported by the province of Antwerp and the Flemish government.