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This website has been created on behalf of the municipality of Turnhout [Stad Turnhout], being the City of Turnhout, the Turnhout Public Centre for Social Welfare [Openbaar Centrum voor Maatschappelijk Welzijn or OCMW Turnhout] and the autonomous bodies that fall under it. The website and the information on it may be used on condition that the terms and conditions of use as stated here are observed in full. By making use of this website, the user tacitly accepts the terms and conditions of use as stated and undertakes to observe them. The municipality of Turnhout cannot be held responsible for any technical damage or loss that the user may sustain as a consequence of using the website nor for any virus that may occur on the website and rejects any and all liability for any damage or loss that any such virus may cause.

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Control of information

The municipality of Turnhout does its utmost to ensure that the information provided is as complete, correct, accurate and up to date as possible. The municipality of Turnhout cannot be held liable for incorrect or incomplete details that may be found on this website. Should the information provided contain errors or should information that the user could normally expect to find on our website be absent, then the administration undertakes to correct the situation as soon as possible once it has been notified. Any remarks in this respect may be sent to The content of the website (including links) may be amended, changed, supplemented of removed by the municipality of Turnhout at any time without prior notice.

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Use of information

Unless otherwise indicated, the information on this website is free of copyright. The information may be used without charge for personal use and non-commercial purposes, provided the source is acknowledged. Users may reproduce or distribute information (texts, images, etc.) or make such information available in any other way once the municipality of Turnhout has granted permission. The municipality of Turnhout and any others retain all intellectual property rights to this site. Certain software applications and graphic elements on the website are supplied by third parties and may be subject to copyright. The possibilities to use and reproduce such applications and elements are therefore limited and subject to the prior permission of the copyright holder.
Among other things, the user undertakes:

  • not to use the information in a wrongful, illegal way.
  • not to use the website in such a manner that it becomes damaged, distorted, disrupted or made less efficient in any way or form.
  • not to use the website in such a way that the rights of any person, legal entity or association is infringed, such as, but not limited to, the rights of privacy or intellectual property.
  • not to use the website for the transmission or posting of computer viruses, or the transmission or posting of illegal or wrongful material, or of material that is in any way inappropriate, including, but not limited to, material of a defamatory, obscene or threatening character. The municipality of Turnhout retains the right to declare the user in default and/or to proceed against the user if its interests or those of others are damaged by a breach of the above provisions or in any other way.
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Websites managed by third parties

The municipality of Turnhout also places links on its website that may be of use to the website visitor. In no way does the municipality of Turnhout offer any guarantee whatsoever in respect of the content, sources of information, availability, quality or completeness of such websites and accordingly, it cannot be held responsible for such. The municipality of Turnhout cannot accept any responsibility for direct or indirect loss or damage arising out of the consultation or use of external websites and their content. If information available on linked websites is unreliable, incorrect, outdated or in contravention of legislation, the municipality of Turnhout reserves the right to delete the link to the site without notice. Problems with links may be reported to

The municipality of Turnhout reserves the right to refuse links to external information.

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Personal data

Why does the municipality of Turnhout collect personal data? 

Your privacy is extremely important. The municipality of Turnhout therefore processes your personal data with the utmost care in a legal, correct and transparent way. Personal data is only requested and maintained if there is a valid legal justification for doing so. This is mainly the case in the context of statutory duties or the public interest. In a limited number of cases, personal data may be collected by reason of a contractual obligation or to protect the vital interests of a person.

How does the municipality of Turnhout collect personal data? 

The personal data that you provide to the municipality of Turnhout is stored in a secure environment that cannot be accessed by the public. The municipality of Turnhout has taken appropriate technical and organisational measures to protect your data from loss, theft or improper use.

Is the municipality of Turnhout allowed to use and pass on your personal data?

Your information is used for internal purposes only. The municipality of Turnhout processes your personal data in order to offer you with an optimum service and to contact you. Your personal data is not used beyond what is strictly necessary to provide the requested service or to use the required features.

Personal data is not given to other organisations unless the municipality of Turnhout is required to do so to comply with statutory obligations and if judicial authorities or the police have expressly asked for it.

The municipality of Turnhout may also ask you if it may process your data in a number of specific cases, including (but not limited to):

  • the use of cookies on the website
  • the use of forms on the website
  • digital newsletters for which you subscribe
  • competitions
  • social media
  • using photo and video material of you (portraits or close-ups).
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Your rights as a user

The act of 30th July 2018 in respect of the protection of people with regard to the processing of personal data (the Data Protection Act or Gegevensbeschermingswet) grants the user a number of rights in respect of personal data processed by the municipality of Turnhout.

The user has the right to ask the municipality of Turnhout what personal data of theirs is being processed. The user may also ask the municipality of Turnhout to complete, correct or delete that data. The user must, however, be clear which changes they want.

In addition to the right to inspect, improve or delete their personal data, the user also has the right to object to the processing of their personal data (with the exception of legitimate and lawful purposes). The user also has the right to receive and transfer personal data provided by him or her in a customary, structured and digitally readable form.

Use of the above-mentioned rights can be made by means of a form. The municipality of Turnhout will respond within four weeks. This period may be extended to eight weeks if requests are extensive.

The municipality of Turnhout will make all possible and reasonable efforts to comply with the request insofar as it is in accordance with applicable legislation and regulations.

In addition, the user has the right to submit a complaint to the Data Protection Authority [Gegevensbeschermingsautoriteit or GBA] or the Flemish Supervisory Commission [Vlaamse Toezichtcommissie or VTC] if he or she is of the opinion that the municipality of Turnhout has not complied with the applicable Belgian or European privacy legislation.

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The municipality of Turnhout makes use of cookies on its website to enhance its functionality and to help us provide you with better content. 
Read our cookie statement.

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The municipality of Turnhout may amend its privacy policy and cookie statement in order to comply with new regulations or, for example, to allow new applications to work. The amendments apply as soon as they have been published on the website. This privacy statement and cookie policy was last amended on 16th September 2020.

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This online agreement and any conflicts arising out of the use of the website or any aspect of the website are subject to Belgian law. The only courts with jurisdiction are those of the district of Turnhout.

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If you have any queries about the privacy statement or the cookie policy, please contact us at:
Dienst Informatieveiligheid
Campus Blairon 200
2300 Turnhout
+32(0) 14 44 33 11

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Identification of the autonomous bodies

Autonoom gemeentebedrijf Turnhout [AGB Turnhout] 

Campus Blairon 200, 2300 Turnhout, Belgium
+32(0) 14 44 33 11

Vzw Kinderopvang Turnhout

Druivenstraat 19, 2300 Turnhout, Belgium
+32(0) 14 47 49 21

Vzw Jeugdprogrammatie (vzw Jep)

Draaiboomstraat 6, 2300 Turnhout, Belgium
+32(0) 14 42 33 81

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