Saint Peter's Church

If you think St. Peter's is a church like any other you are in for a surprise. The outside is remarkably plain, the inside breathtaking. The showpiece is the pulpit made in 1862. Once taken in, let the myths and legends come to you.

Survivor of the Iconoclastic Fury

Just how old Turnhout's oldest church is, is still a mystery. But centuries of work have yielded a very nice result. The renowned interior is particularly stunning. There is not a trace of the havoc wreaked during the Iconoclastic Fury. On the contrary. The pulpit, high altar, paintings and figurines shine with beauty. A rich treasure chest has also been conserved. But shh! Don't tell anyone.

Mosquito Extinguishers

At one time it looked as if the pulpit, the stained glass windows, the organ and the altars were going up in flames. It looked as if the church was on fire. But the fire turned out to be a huge swarm of mosquitos in the sunshine. This gave the people of Turnhout their nickname of 'mosquito extinguishers'. The church has still more myths to reveal. Worth discovering!